New look, same service

New look, same service

With our name change to North Ride, we’re taking the opportunity to update our entire profile and appearance, and to launch a new website. It’s an investment which will make things easier for those who are looking for information about our business or who want to book a taxi, and it also includes all the locations we operate in, as well as sets out our investments for the future.

Although our new look and change of name to North Ride will take place overnight, our fleet of around 40 vehicles will be updated in stages. If you have questions or thoughts about the change or want to book a trip, please just get in touch.

Book here! Quick and easy. No matter you’re a private client or a corporate customer.

Use our online booking feature for fast and smooth service. Plan your trip in peace and quiet and rest assured that we’ll get you where you need to be on time, with no stress. Let us know if you have any thoughts. We’ll confirm your booking via e-mail and SMS.

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